Sporting events by drone

Filming Sporting Events by Drone

Filming Sporting Events by Drone

Aerial recording of sporting events using drones is already the order of the day. These drones can attract thousands of curious onlookers to new places and new forms of entertainment. Getting the best images and videos of your event is easier than you think!

Filming a sporting event with a drone is another popular activity that has become increasingly popular recently. Drones make it possible to record interesting aerial shots that are otherwise unavailable, especially during sporting events such as racing or freestyle flying. For quality shots, a quality drone with a good camera and stabilization. Drone action also requires an experienced pilot who can control the drone as precisely as possible to get the best shots.

sportovní akce dron
Sportovní aktivity dronem

The use of drones at events is already a necessity…

To get good images, the drone must be piloted by an expert

The use of drones in sporting events

For a quality video you need to hire the services of a specialized agency, just contact us if necessary.

Recording requirements with drones during sporting activities

Filming a sporting event with a drone

One of the main requirements for drone transmissions is first of all to obtain permission to record from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and from the authority responsible for the organisation of the sporting event. In addition, an official professional drone pilot course and flight experience are required to pilot drones.

Natáčení dronem

Filming a sporting event with a drone

Aerial imagery recording by professional drones is one of the alternatives that exist to cover this type of event. Sports competitions, sailing championships, extreme sports, etc. Everything is simply seen from a different point of view from the air.

True professionals

At DronProfi we offer a new point of view using aerial footage.

The best use of our drones is taking a picture from the air.

Our aerial sports footage is not with the more versatile drones, normally with a DJI, which allows us to move quickly with the camera and the second operator along with the pilot will manipulate the camera with the second transmitter so we don’t miss anything.

Filming sports from drones are applicable for almost any sport, indoors and outdoors, to creating aerial sports videos for surfing events, jet skis, kayaks, motocross, moto gp etc.

Drone footage of sporting events

Use of drones at sporting events

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