Services by drone

Our drone services will provide an experienced UAV pilot to provide data, photos and short videos.

how can professional drone services help your business?

Bird’s eye view photography and filming: drones are ideal for taking photos and videos from a bird’s eye view, which can be useful for promoting your business and products.

Monitoring the status of construction projects:If your business is in the construction industry, you can use drones to monitor the status of your construction projects. Drones can scan areas and provide feedback to construction sites, allowing for faster and more efficient project management.

Aerial drone services
Inspection of industrial facilities:Drones can be used to inspect industrial facilities such as tall smokestacks, oil rigs, power plants and other facilities that are difficult to access or dangerous for human inspectors.

Terrain measurement, mapping and thermal imaging: drones can be used to measure large areas and create detailed maps. This kind of service can be useful for agriculture, forestry and other businesses that need accurate and up-to-date information about their land.

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