Permission to fly a drone

povolení k létání s dronem
Jak získat licenci na dron
povolení k létání s dronem

Permission to fly a drone

To fly a drone, you need to follow certain rules and obtain the necessary permits.

To fly recreational drones weighing up to 2 kg, you need to follow a few rules, such as flying only during the day and up to 120 metres above the ground, and have your drone registered with the Civil Aviation Authority.To fly your drone over populated areas or water bodies, you need to get another permit. These permits are usually issued by civil aviation authorities or local authorities, who will ensure that drone flying is carried out safely and in accordance with regulations. It is advisable to familiarise yourself with all the rules and requirements for the area before you start flying.

It is important to follow the rules and respect people’s privacy and safety. Violations are subject to heavy fines.

Permission to fly a drone

Here are some useful links regarding permission to fly drones:

  1. Civil Aviation Authority: the official website of the Civil Aviation Authority, where you can find all the information about permits to fly drones in the Czech Republic.
  2. Drones and Safety: the Department for Transport’s website for comprehensive information on the obligations and rules regarding the flying of drones.
  3. Flying drones over populated areas: an article on the Home Office website for information about permission to fly drones over populated areas.
  4. Flying drones over bodies of water:An article on the Ministry of the Interior website, where you can find information about permission to fly drones over bodies of water.
  5. Training and Certification: the Civil Aviation Authority website where you can find information on training and certification for flying drones.

To obtain permission to fly a drone, you must fill out an application and provide detailed information about the purpose of the flight, the route of the flight and other conditions. The Civil Aviation Authority will then evaluate the application and issue a permit for a specific period of time. After this period, the permit may be renewed or extended.

To minimize risks to people and property, we must follow the rules and safety precautions when flying a drone. Drones are becoming increasingly popular for entertainment, photography, video or commercial purposes.Breaking these rules can result in heavy fines and a ban on further drone flying.

When flying a drone, you need to respect people’s privacy and protect personal information, especially if you are taking pictures of areas with residential buildings. By following these principles, we maintain public confidence in the use of drones and ensure the responsible and ethical use of these technologies. You should not use a drone for unauthorised information gathering or spying.

Overall, it is therefore necessary to approach drone flying responsibly and with respect for human safety and privacy.

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