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Our services will provide you with an experienced UAV pilot who will provide drone in ideography.
Our professional pilots are ready for your visionary requirements. We are aware of the ever-growing possibilities of working with drones. We have both pilots and drones You have the opportunity to use them.


A drone unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), equipped with various equipment including photography.
We provide all permits and documentation with flying a drone.

Solar panels


used to photograph solar panels. capable of capturing photos from all angles, allowing a more detailed examination of the condition of the solar panels. Drones also provide a fast and efficient way to photograph large areas of solar panels. Drone photos of solar panels can also be used to monitor the maintenance of solar panels, which can help reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of the panels.


are also used for shooting shots from different perspectives. Drone footage allows you to capture an aerial view, making it ideal for filming sporting events, festivals, concerts or wedding videos. Drone shots are also an excellent way of capturing panoramic views of a landscape or city. The footage is often used for advertising campaigns, including commercials for real estate, hotel resorts and more.

Thermal imaging the way drones can be used to get Thermal imaging allows you to see how different objects are heated. This type of imaging can be used for a variety of purposes, including monitoring heat loss in buildings, finding lost animals, or tracking human movement in nighttime conditions. Thermal imaging is also used to check the condition of solar panels, which can help detect defects or faults.


Photogrammetry is the process of measuring and mapping objects using photographs. The use of drones for photogrammetry provides a fast and efficient way to obtain accurate 3D models, which can help when planning construction projects or mapping terrain.

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I am absolutely amazed at the fantastic drone services with thermal imaging that were provided to me by this company. The drone was extremely stable and precise, allowing for excellent results. The team was always ready and willing to help with anything that was needed. This amazing experience will surely exceed your expectations!

Magda Hoenig / Facebook

I recently had the pleasure of using a drone service from this company and I have to say I am absolutely thrilled. The drone was very reliable and efficient, and the service provided was top notch. Communication with the team was fast and friendly, which made the whole process even more enjoyable. Impeccable work and highly recommended!

Marek Jance / Facebook

This company provided me with an unforgettable experience with drone services focused on photogrammetry. The drone was extremely reliable and efficient, and the entire team was very friendly and professional. I am happy to share my satisfaction with you!