Photo by drone

Photo by drone

foto dronem
foto dronem

Aerial photography by drone

was considered exclusive luxury for large companies. But that’s in the past.

With the advent of drones, the world of aerial photography has completely changed. Nowadays, any company that wants to do impressive and revolutionary things can have access to a quality drone photography service.

The use of drone photography has become so widespread that companies and individuals can achieve remarkable images; and originals at a very affordable price.

‘But what does it take to get the best videos or aerial shots with drones? Is it something everyone can do? Is special preparation and equipment necessary?,

If you are curious to know more about this topic, here we will tell you more about it this new trend in aerial photography.

Lights, camera… And fly!


What is aerial photography?

It is a photograph taken from a height by an unmanned drone or multicopter and controlled from the ground; by radio frequency by an expert pilot.

To take good quality photos , it must have a good quality HD camera and a battery for at least 30 minutes flight time.

Who can take aerial photographs?

In general, anyone who knows how to operate a drone can take pictures. However, for the photos to be professional and high quality, they must be taken by an experienced drone pilot.

This professional must have the necessary authorization for their work; and have insurance in accordance with applicable regulations.

On the other hand, not all areas can be piloted with drones. Its use is limited to uninhabited areas. For everything else you need to apply for a permit and work according to the regulations of the Civil Aviation Authority.

Advantages of aerial photography.

drone photo

Benefits of drone aerial photography


Unique drone images

There is an undeniable beauty that permeates aerial photography of nature, a landscape, a city or even an object.

There is an undeniable beauty that permeates aerial photography of nature, a landscape, a city or even an object.


Emotional connection with the viewer

Reaching every corner or showing every spot in detail is one of the strengths of drone photography.

It allows you to capture images of a landscape, an enclosed space or a specific moment from different aerial angles; giving those observing the feeling of being present.


Lower costs

There is no need for special equipment or a team of experts; therefore, aerial photography can achieve a very professional result for less than expected.

Investment, in this type of photography, almost always becomes profit.


Ideal for large spaces

Photos from the drone

Factories and industries in general always have limitations when it comes to how to show their object

As good as earthly photographs are, they can’t capture everything they want to convey. However, aerial photography solves this problem.

Flying over the ground or an entire factory; and publishing full width is something that can only be achieved with drones.


Professional drone imagery

Photos from the drone

Like any professional photography service, in drone photography you can find experienced pilots who edit and prepare images or videos for the client.

In this case, you choose the best aerial photos that are provided by a professional.

At DronProfi we do all kinds of photography: product, advertising, corporate, event and even aerial. Our team consists of professional photographers with extensive experience in various specialties.

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